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Our Nursery division is where the Habitat Creations story began and is still the backbone of our entire operations, providing our teams with the ability to create and enhance biodiversity in natural and built landscapes.



With two facilities across Greater Melbourne and Gippsland, our nursery team is able to grow and supply 2 million high quality aquatic, riparian and terrestrial plants per annum.


Our highly skilled and qualified horticulturalists grow our plants in a sustainable, natural environment to ensure high quality, robust, and healthy plants that are ready to tackle the conditions they’ll grow in and achieve high survival rates for our clients.

Stock is grown and supplied in a variety of formats including hiko and tubestock as per industry standards, 550cc pots to cater for Melbourne Water requirements, or any other size as specified. 

Plants are supplied to our own planting teams for Habitat Creations projects, as well as water authorities, local government, catchment management authorities, landscape and environmental contractors, and private landholders. Due to our extensive internal facilities we’re able to strategically grow surplus stock to cater for short-notice orders from our industry partners. 

Growing & Sourcing

Contract Growing

Plant Brokerage

Propagation of provenance specific plants

Seed Collection & Seed Bank

Plant supply in any format


If you'd like our nursery team to provide a quote for your project, please complete this form and upload your plant list. Alternatively, you can email our Nursery manager directly:

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Picking up a plant order?

If you have a Nursery Order to pick up you can find us at 2/11 Old Sale Road, Moe. Pick up times are between 7.30 am and 3.30 pm, Monday - Friday.

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