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At Habitat Creations, we’re proud of our position as leaders in the Conservation and Land Management industry in Greater Melbourne and Gippsland.


At Habitat Creations, our highly experienced and skilled teams provide our clients with exceptional capability and versatility in our revegetation and environmental weed control services.


Our ability to work in almost any environment, including remote coastal and mountainous regions, nature parks and reserves, waterways, farmland, constructed landscapes, and offset sites, is what sets us apart. 

We have Conservation & Land Management teams servicing clients across Greater Melbourne, and throughout Gippsland.


Our revegetation services help water authorities, local government, and private landholders remediate and enhance terrestrial and riparian ecosystems to increase native habitat and biodiversity.


With extensive environmental experience, we’re able to play an important practical consultancy role in revegetation projects to ensure high plant survival rates and better ecological outcomes.


Our internal Horticulture and Nursery resources are able to add another layer of capability to our revegetation projects by offering our seed bank, and seed collection services to projects that specify local provenance plants. Typical revegetation projects range from a handful of plants, to upwards of 150,000 plants per project site.


  • Revegetation

  • Infill planting to increase site biodiversity

  • Offset site establishment

  • Direct seeding

  • Waterway enhancing

  • Seed collecting

  • Contract growing for large scale projects

  • Site maintenance i.e. chipping, mulching and vegetation thinning 

Environmental Weed Control

Our environmental weed control teams specialise in the management of high threat weed species in public land and waterways for clients including Parks Victoria, DELWP, Melbourne Water, Catchment Management Authorities, and Local Councils.  We also have extensive experience undertaking environmental weed control works on private land of all sizes, from small landholders to primary producers. 


  • High threat weed control

  • Sensitive high volume and low volume herbicide application

  • Integrated weed management

  • GPS mapping and reporting

Remote Conservation Works

Habitat Creations is proud to have highly skilled and qualified teams that specialise in remote, highly sensitive conservation areas such as coastal environments and high-country creeks and rivers. 


Working with catchment management authorities and local government clients, our teams have proven the proven ability to complete high-risk, multi-day projects in remote terrain with significant access and safety considerations.


  • High threat weed control

  • Sensitive high and low volume herbicide application

  • Integrated weed management

  • GPS mapping and reporting

  • Multi-day projects

  • Remote work with safety and access issue

Nature Reserve Management

Our teams have the capability and capacity to undertake all facets of grassland, bushland, and coastal park management including weed control and management, and revegetation.


  • Revegetation

  • Infill planting

  • Environmental weed control

  • Implementation of land management plans

  • Pest animal reporting

  • Firebreak management

  • Reporting

Offset Site Management

We have the capability and capacity to undertake all facets of offset site management in line with government requirements.  We have extensive experience working with a range of clients including private development, private industry, and local council.


  • Revegetation

  • Fence monitoring and repairs

  • Annual field reporting

  • Pest animal monitoring

  • Environmental weed control

  • Firebreak management

  • GPS mapping and reporting

  • Photopoint monitoring

  • Annual reporting

Practical Consultancy

Habitat Creations is proud to build on our extensive history and relationship with Ethos NRM, to assist in advanced consultancy and field capability on a project basis.


This partnership gives water authorities and local government clients a unique offering for large contracts and projects requiring specialised consultancy services, paired with highly experienced on-ground capability, and extensive internal resources.



This exciting relationship allows both Habitat Creations and Ethos NRM to lean on well-developed core strengths, providing clients with a highly specialised and capable single offering to maximise service-level efficiencies.



We're proud of what we do.

Hopefully, you think it shows in our work.

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