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Upgrades to Moe Nursery complete

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Our Nursery team has recently completed some exciting upgrades at our Moe Nursery site, significantly increasing our plant supply capacity.

An extension to the northern side of the Nursery has increased our overall holding capacity by approximately 15%, allowing our team to grow and supply 2 million plants per annum. These upgrades are essential in meeting strong demand from our planting and revegetation teams, and the broader Landscaping industry.

A system has been installed that allows us to harvest and recycle water used in the Nursery, improving our sustainability by reducing water usage. The system works by capturing excess water from our watering system, storing it in dedicated recycled water tanks, and reusing the water on appropriate plant species.

Our existing, aging Polytunnels were re-homed to reduce waste, and replaced with newer, larger versions (that our team much prefer to call igloos!). Our team has also made changes to the Nursery layout to improve ergonomics and functionality, increasing efficiency and making the space much easier for team members to operate in. A fantastic effort by the team, and our resident do-it-all, Anthony.

"Did you know, our Nursery team hires occasionally throughout the year? If you’d like to express your interest in a career with our Nursery team, visit our careers page, or send your resume and cover letter to"

Images taken by Nursery team members before, during and after our Nursery upgrades.


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