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Drouin Civic Park ready to grow.

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Significant Landscaping upgrades turn Drouin's existing Civic Park green space into a favourite public hangout for the local community.

Habitat Creations is proud to have played a significant role in the recent Landscaping upgrades to Civic Park in Drouin. Our teams completed the installation of over 100 native and exotic tree species that will give the park a botanic gardens feel, while offering shade for park users, and habitat for local wildlife.

“The tree species list features natives like Eucalyptus, and Corymbia. It also features a range of species not typically grown by our Nursery including a Wollemi Pine (Wollemid nobilis) and a variety of Japanese Maple, Crepe Myrtle, Oak, Magnolia, and Maidenhair Trees, among others."

The soft landscaping also included the planting of garden beds surrounding the impressive new playground and park infrastructure installed by Madcat Constructions. The garden beds feature a number of native plant species grown and supplied by our Nursery team, as well as some other unique plants not typically grown by our team that we were able to source for the project, including the magnificent grass trees (Xanthorroea australis and resinifera) pictured below.

Including the planting of the wetland accessible via Hopetoun Road and Fuhrmann Court (completed in 2020), over 1,000 plants have been planted as part of the Civic Park upgrade. We're excited to see this new landscape grow and mature over the coming years, and provide an even more impressive public space for generations to come.

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